Terms of Service

Terms of Service

We encourage our members to use our platform in a fair and ethical manner.

iLikeFollow is fully owned by CornerClick sarl, who provides online service and its corresponding solutions to end users. We have created a system that let users widen their current online community of friends and followers. Therefore, if any user abuses our system, we will immediately suspend the actions of the aforementioned user, resulting in their removal from our system.

Any accounts suspended through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook AREN'T PERMITTED to use our website and/or services, as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook's Terms and Conditions bar suspended users from using their services. We expect suspended iLikeFollow users to stop using the iLikeFollow service, if they're suspended, as well.

As of now, iLikeFollow's system doesn't allow users to track the number of users following them throughout their time using our service; likewise, we can't guarantee that they will follow you for a long time. We do, however, create a healthy system that allows you to find interesting new users to keep track of, in addition to allowing you to view their content.

iLikeFollow is primarily a FREE TO USE service, though we do allow users to purchase 'credits' if they desire. We use a well implemented points system that fosters a motivator for people to follow each other. This system promotes users who like to follow interesting people and get something in return for their actions.

At the moment, this system deducts a points for each follow made. This feature stops the system from inflating from an excessive amount of points accumulating in the system. It also helps create a healthy flow of points between each user. iLikeFollow reserves the right to make changes to our points system, for the purpose of maintaining the system's health.

When signing up for iLikeFollow's service, you're opting-in to receive basic system emails about the current status of your account. You can opt-out of these emails at any time by changing the settings of your account to turn off notification emails.

You may also remove or 'delist' your account from the website using the same settings. If you desire to close your account, you may email iLikeFollow for additional assistance.