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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the services at iLikeFollow work?

The services at iLikeFollow are considered an essential tool for those looking for fans, friends, followers or all of the above. We use a fair crediting system that creates an incentive for you to learn more about a particular person.

When you follow someone, you can earn points from them—likewise, when they follow you. You, as the user, can decide how much points you want to offer per follow. When you run out of points, you'll remain on the 'list,' which lets people still follow you if they want.

iLikeFollow likes focusing on making an introduction for our users like you; you should like focusing on deciding why you want to friend for a long term arrangement.

Remember—we aren't a follower train. It's you that gets to choose who you want to friend, and your friends get to do the same. You will, however, find that a lot of people may friend you just because you're using iLikeFollow. Thanks to that, we have an innate focus on community building.

What is a Points?

You can offer points as an incentive for other people to follow you. These users can them use the points to perform the same task. It's a tool that mainly encourages people to check each other out.

I don't want to follow other users. I just want others to follow me.

You can actually list yourself on iLikeFollow for free. This allows people to take a look at your page. You can also get site points through other sources, like referring friends or even blogging about our website.

I don't want any points. I just want to make new friends.

That's all right too! You can find and even follow new friends through iLikeFollow without having to list yourself. By 'delisting' yourself through your 'Settings' page, you can still find and follow interesting users without being listed.

Can I buy points?

You can buy points through the handily named 'buy points' page, once you're logged into iLikeFollow. All purchases made through our services are handled through secure PayPal and additional checkout services. After buying, the points will immediately be credited to your account.

Why are some users offering no points?

You may see '0' point offers in our system, due to the fact that those users may have run out of points. Since these users may be unable to offer any points, their status shows as '0' until they can buy more.

Users without any points generally start losing followers, which later encourages them to log-in and participate again.

If I follow a user twice, will I get credited twice?

No. You only get credited once for following a user through iLikeFollow. Getting credited twice for following a user would be unfair for the person you've followed. Also, constant following and unfollowing may flag your account at websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What if my account gets suspended by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

In accordance with our Terms of Service, users with a fully active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account are allowed to use the iLikeFollow website. If you have a suspended account, you won't be permitted to user the service. We take Facebook's, Instagram's and Twitter's Terms of Service seriously.

How much will iLikeFollow's services cost me?

The services at iLikeFollow are free of charge. You will have the option to purchase points if you want, though everything within our website is free.

What is aggressive unfollowing?

Aggressive unfollowing is the act of a user following more than one user, only to unfollow them shortly after following them. Many users of our website dislike this practice, since it doesn't net them any points in return. When a user becomes a serial unfollower, they are taking points away from other users without offering them anything in return.

As mentioned, iLikeFollow is a system based on mutual introductions. We use a trust system that says, 'I'll give your points if you follow me for a good amount of time and check me out.' Serial unfollowers skim the list, not even giving their new followers or friends a chance. iLikeFollow does monitor our system for aggressive serial follower; if you reach certain threshold, you may not be able to find new friends to follow.

Is iLikeFollow forcing me to follow others?

No. This isn't the main goal of iLikeFollow. iLikeFollow ensures that our users will be able to choose who they want to be friends with over time. If you follow someone for at least a week, you should have enough time to gauge whether you like their content or not. If you don't like their content, for whatever reason, you can simply unfollow them.

iLikeFollow wants our users' introductions to mean something, so we encourage everyone using our services to check our their new friends before considering unfollowing them.

When will I receive my featured user spot?

It generally takes a few days before you get awarded your turn. Occasionally, it may take longer if we have to run through a long waiting list. If you want to learn how long the wait actually may be, you can contact us if you'd like.

Your Privacy at iLikeFollow

iLikeFollow uses your personal information to provide your requested services like processing orders. In addition, we may also use your information for research, auditing and analysis for the purpose of improving and operating the technologies and services at iLikeFollow. WE DO NOT GIVE OUT DETAILS CONCERNING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTY.