About us

About Us

There's absolutely no doubt that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the current fastest growing online social networks and communities worldwide. Thanks to this fact, the services and systems of iLikeFollow have been fostered to assist Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter users who wish to grow their personal online communities.

Through our platform, users can even increase the number of users to their website—in an ethical and responsible manner.

What advantages can users get from our platform?

The advantages users can get from iLikeFollow includes:

  • Increasing your credibility and reputation in the current marketplace.
  • Enhancing the relevancy of your website through measuring the number of websites linked to yours. This means more websites will link to yours, facilitating an increase in the relevancy of your content.
  • Maximizing the profitability and income earning potential of your own website. This is performed through increasing the number of advertising opportunities you have on your web spaces.

The follows earned through iLikeFollow are primarily 'opt-in,' meaning users have the choice of following any user. Users perform all of the follows themselves through our free services. The concepts of follower-related services have been created through fully understanding the current terms and conditions of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, who prohibit users from purchasing and selling followers and fans.

Following offers other benefits, including the aforementioned, which help our users increase their audience based on the nature and size of their web-based home.

Users of iLikeFollow WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to sell their account or any other account through our services. As mentioned, selling or buying any account through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is PROHIBITED.

The guiding principles of iLikeFollow include:

  • WE don't sell followers and/or fans.
  • WE don't sell accounts or account information to third parties.
  • WE protect your privacy. In fact, the nondisclosure of your personal information is one of our main goals.
  • WE don't allow different forms of web spam to cross our services.

iLikeFollow's role in increasing your personal audience is omnipresent, though in an ethical and responsible manner that works in accordance to the current rules at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your own personal web space. Our key to success happens simply because we take attention to the Rules, Terms and Conditions we have implemented, in addition to that of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Core of iLikeFollow—Our Points System

The core of the services at iLikeFollow is our points system, which allows both users and their followers to earn points through our system. Users AREN'T obligated to purchase points to participate in iLikeFollow's many services. Points are simply an asset that helps increase the exposure of our users. The main purpose of our points is providing an incentive for users to follow others if they choose.

Your Privacy at iLikeFollow

iLikeFollow may ask our users to disclose their connections each time they endorse website and/or services. The FTC requires endorsers of a particular product to disclose their connection to the seller, since the endorsement's credibility may be materially affected by the promotion itself.

We also DO NOT harm the privacy of our users. We DO NOT gather and retain user data, except for your provided profile information from your Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account. WE DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER PASSWORD OR REQUEST FOR YOU TO GIVE IT TO US OR ANY OTHER THIRD PARTY WEBSITE.

Spamming is also prohibited through iLikeFollow. Spamming can include intrusive messages, though it also includes serial following. This refers to users that follow a lot of other users in a short amount of time. As stated by Twitter, following and unfollowing a large amount of users in a short space of time is considered spam, whether performed manually or through automated means.

Due to those reasons, iLikeFollow DOES NOT use an automated 'Like' or 'Following' tool or offer such services to our users. iLikeFollow is designed as a community-based experience, where we want our users to have a choice in who they want to follow.

iLikeFollow and associated services are against spamming, thanks to this. To combat serial followers, we have implemented a monitoring system into our web services, allowing us to track 'follower churn' and filter those flagged as serial followers. We automatically flag and suspend accounts that were suspended by Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.


iLikeFollow develops their rules over time, much like other professionally operating entities or systems. This means that any previously implemented rules may not be relevant to our policies, terms and conditions in the future.

As iLikeFollow pays attention to current Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rules, we generally maintain a balance between quantity and quality. This means iLikeFollow enforces enough rules to inform our user base, while making sure those aforementioned rules are well implemented and up-to-date.

iLikeFollow's current set of rules include the following:


  • Ethical and generally inoffensive user content
  • Content that ISN'T spamming
  • Safe website promotion
  • Safe personal promotion
  • Interesting, relevant and valuable content for other users

Not Allowed

  • Inappropriate content, such as adult, violent and gambling-related content
  • Unsafe web content, like frame breaking site elements, intrusive websites and broken links
  • Spamming, which includes low quality websites and affiliate links
  • Automation and redirection software, pop-ups, plug-ins and Ponzi schemes, duplicate submissions and anything else that may violate our Terms of Service.

We develop our platform for the purpose of helping your increase social network over time. Despite this, iLikeFollow would like to maintain a specific level of quality and professionalism over our primary platforms.

Therefore, users should not refrain from reporting any malicious content, profiles and other inappropriate usage of our site and services. This helps assist the filtering process of iLikeFollow.