iLikeFollow offers a 100% GUARANTEED and REFUNDABLE service to all users.

Our streamlined and up-to-date system allows you to use the iLikeFollow without any issues. If you do experience technical or other important issues with our system, we offer a guaranteed refund if the system fails to provide you with quality service.

This guarantee ensures eligible users a 100% REFUND on any payments credited to iLikeFollow. This excludes additional charges made by third parties during the payment process.

Users will be eligible for our guaranteed refund policy if:

  • They abide by iLikeFollow’s current Terms and Conditions.
  • They abide by Facebook, Instagram, Twitters and other current Internet-related Terms and Conditions.

Your refund is generally performed within seven days of your refund request. You may be eligible to upgrade a current subscription from a lower rank to a high ranked subscription.