How to use iLikefollow

iLikeFollow offers a way to quickly grow your online social community, by helping you get Facebook fans, Twitter, Linkedin and instagram followers.

Earning followers and likes through iLikeFollow allows social media users and web publishers to generate real social traffic. No drone followers here. It hardly makes sense to build a following that will only see you buying attention. To avoid that social networking boondoggle, everyone using the iLikeFollow service has their own legitimate account. The doors are closed to spammers.

Sign up requires only your name and email address. Then connect to your existing accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, websites – and begin to build your social presence. Buy credits which can be used to encourage people to follow you or like your fan page or post.

All onsite-following is strictly optional. There’s no obligation to buy credits, although doing so gives users a better chance of increasing their exposure. Set the number of points you’re willing to part with to increase your following.

Find Out Your Way!!

Watch The Video or follow the steps below

Step 1.

Register yourself as a user:

Step 2.

Access your account!!


Step 3.

Register your facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or your website.


In the above image the area that is selected with red circle where you can choose which of your social network accounts, would you like to start working on!!
By clicking on the blue circle selected area, it will direct you to a page where you can connect your twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin account or even your personal website to your ilikefollow account.

Step 4.

Choose the facebook page are you interested to like or the twitter, Instagram, Linkedin account would you like to follow or even the website your interested to visit!!


You even search for users in a categorized or country manner


Step 5.

Buy some credit in order to be able to increase your twitter, Instagram, Linkedin followers and Facebook fans.
to learn more click here


Many packages are available in order to suit your needs, just pick up the right package for you than click on the link in order to purchase through paypal.

Step 6.

It is in the general setting section , where you can edit your personal information such as: country, industry, changing your password or deleting your account.


Step 7.

By choosing between twitter, facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or websites also in the setting section, it will enables you to modify the number of points you offered to other users to follow you, also you can switch you account ON|OFF.



For any additional support  while navigating the site, all what you have to do is to click on the support bottom on the top or the orange button on the left side of the site that will direct you to a new link where you can get the necessary help and inject your feedbacks!!