How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Twitter

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Twitter

Your activities on twitter can help you drive worthy and quality traffic to you website if you know to do and when to do it.

Discover how to make twitter a machine to get customers to your business with this post!

In this new post I want to talk about how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website. The problem with 99% of companies or sites that want to use Twitter as a marketing tool, it that they really do not know how to explore twitter potentials.

Today I want to tell you some different ways to utilize Twitter as a tool for your business that drives unique traffic to your website:

Using Twitter Feedback Loop to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can use Twitter as a tool to meet and have continuous feedback from your followers, your customers and potential customers. Not only can you know what people are saying on Twitter about your product, about your company, about your business, but also can use it as surveys boost your business strategy.

You can ask anything to your customers (your product or service users), your audience and thereby receiving information that may be of great interest to your business.

Potential customers on your followers list will definitely want to see for themselves what all the saying about your product and service is by visiting your site.

Many of whom will take action because of what others have said about your product or service.
Then ending as traffic to your site!

Use Twitter as Customer Support

Surfing the internet could be tedious and requires a lot when looking for good product or service to use. As a result of that many potential customers prefers going for companies or services on twitter, where they can easily tweet questions and get answer directly without hassles from service providers.

If your customer is satisfied with your response, they voluntarily help you to spread your business fame abroad to friends and followers on twitter. This helps you build wider network of followers and you eventually earn the worthy traffic that you need to your site.

Get Traffic by Strengthen Your Brand on Twitter

For a small company that is very important, strengthen your brand using twitter is very important. Twitter will allow you to put your brand in front of many people for a long time. By continuous tweet about your brand, you tend to popularize your brand.

Your brands continuous presence drives your followers to click or search for your product or services, there by driving the traffic that you want to your website.

Get Traffic by Promoting Your Products and Services on Twitter

Twitter can also serve as a place where you can promote your business (products and services).
Be careful with this!

Since the character of the social network of Twitter, makes people feel attacked if you try very direct and sales promotions.
But if you are subtle and if you do not abuse it much, you really can do promotions for your products and services and drive traffic to your site with this. Just Be Wise!!

Use News and Content Distribution to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Twitter has established itself as the best platform to distribute content. Share your blog posts via Twitter and if your content really is good, chances are; it is re-tweeted and thus reaches a much larger audience. The more re-tweeted content you get the more popularity you gain and this will eventually translate to more traffic to product or service site.

As a result of sharing your content on Twitter, it’s going to generate a lot of traffic to your website. The traffic will grow exponentially with increasing your list of followers.

These are few from millions of things you can do with twitter.


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