Getting People To Follow You On Twitter

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Getting People To Follow You On Twitter

Getting People To Follow You On TwitterGetting People To Follow You On Twitter by Frank Breinling

When you join Twitter one of your main objectives after joining is to build your Twitter community by getting people to follow you. You will want to seek out and be followed by people with similar interests or hobbies. To build up your following there are some steps that you can take to ensure that you will get people to follow you on Twitter.

• When filling out your profile be thorough and honest, make sure to indicate your likes, dislikes, hobbies and other areas of interests. By being thorough with your profile information is the best way to attract people with similar interests to follow you.

• Find people on Twitter with interests like yours and follow them; in turn they will follow you.

• Strategically place your Twitter handle on written documents, like articles, blogs and guest blogs.

• Invite people to “follow me” on Twitter, by stating it on your blog, website and email correspondence.

• Include your Twitter handle on your business cards.

• Make sure to be interesting and engaging with your tweets. Also, retweet other tweets that you find interesting.

• Share interesting articles, videos, etc by posting the url on Twitter

• When you attain followers make sure to send them a DM to thank them for following you.

• Use “follow Fridays” to find out about people of interest from your followers and forward people of interest to them.

• Do not “spam” people by sending out offers related to your business or with offers for business related products. Don’t just send offers for people to join your list of followers you need to be more engaging in your communication.

• Let other people like friends and family, that communicate with through your regular email account that now you can talk to them on Twitter.

• Make sure you have an avatar people want to see who they are following

• Ensure that you are updating your tweets frequently; very little activity on your part will leave people disinterested.

• Don’t mention you are an expert in something and not tweet on a regular basis in reference to your expertise.

• Do not tweet about the need to gain more followers; this to some people is a turn off.

• Do not post argumentative or mean posts; people will not want to engage in conversation with you if they think you are mean.

• Provide something to the community like a free service or some valuable advice.

• Find the tweeters that have a great amount of influence in the community. You can follow and engage with them and in turn they may send followers your way as well.

• Give people a “shout out” when they do something that really helps the community or brings great information to the community.

• Also try being entertaining don’t just send out boring tweets, you can tweet jokes, amusing stories link to funny picture and videos as well.

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Getting People To Follow You On Twitter




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